Gender: Male
Species: Spider
Eye color:       Black
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Webster is a young spider who lives on a spider web near Camp Lakebottom. He is one of three children of the Spider Mom, a friend of Squirt and a hater of McGee. He only appeared in "Arachnattack."


Webster is a baby spider that Squirt names. He is friendly to Squirt but hates McGee. He will turn anyone who attacks him into a spider silk cocoon hanged up by a spider thread. He covers the camp in spider silk. He has two other siblings and a giant spider mom. He was willing to help McGee to save Squirt from his mom.  Webster's favorite food is the local giant flies. He uses a long proboscis to suck up the fly. He lives on a giant spider web on a mountain just outside of camp.

Webster Acid Breath

Webster showing his ability to spray acid.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like a normal spider, Webster is able to produce silk in order to tie up his enemies. He can also spray green acid that can melt through wood.


Webster is a eight legged arachnid. He is small, brown, covered in hair, and has two large black eyes. The markings on his thorax resemble a smiling face.


  • He is the only spider in "Arachnattack" to be named.



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