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This page is a transcript of the Camp Lakebottom episode "The Words".



  • Camp Lakebottom
  • New York City
  • Shelby's Pizza Restaurant
  • United Kingdom
  • Nazi Kingdom
  • Vietnam
  • South Vietnam Funeral Castle


  • La-La-La

Plot Point

  • None

The Words[]

  • [They stare at the pizza, a clock is heard ticking, the sky changes from day to night repeatedly]
  • [A rat jumps onto Squirt, making Squirt blink and lose the staring contest]
  • Sawyer: Haha, you blinked I win! [Squirt snaps his finger, Sawyer eats the moldy pizza, he spits it out] This pizza tastes like moldy, it's thirty years old! [Squirt and Sawyer look at the window, they exit Shelby's Pizza Restaurant. A photo of the scene is taken, and is put onto a bulletin board.]
  • McGee: (voice-over) "Dear Mom, I'm a the future something wrong is here. Please send new shoes. Mine kinda old years."
Camp Lakebottom.
Rosebud's kitchen. He is carefully experimenting a serum.
Rosebud: Easy, Easy, get this serum right, and you'll finally be able to grow the mustache [he imagines himself with a mustache, the girls look at him with his mustache and scream]
Suddenly, the ground shakes, glass is heard shattering, and Rosebud screams as Sawyer, Squirt and a five eyed-buffalo crash through the wall.