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"The Plunder's Stealing his T-Shirt" "The Return of Camp Lakebottom Part 2"

"The Return of Camp Lakebottom Part 1" is the second part of the fifteen episode of Camp Lakebottom season 5. This is the conclusion of the two-parter involving traitor Carl's Father and his robot son Carl.


The Camp Lakebottom Team try to figure out the mystery of the robot boy Carl, even as his "father", Carl's Father, joins with the Camp Sunny Smiles cause.


The opening starts with McGee finds out from Gretchen that Carl's Father's base is on the other side of a Italy while Rosebud shows concern for Carl. The team see a Dr. Kurdoa's saucer as they arrive at the Carl's Father's house, questioning Carl where his father is, the boy telling them he's going to see the invaders and try something bad again.. A picture is taken, and McGee writes to his mom about the action happening at Camp Lakebottom.

At Carl's Father's home, he begins to fix up his son Carl, as the boy wonders if he's really a robot and why he is. The scientist reveals the real Carl driving a bike died two years prior in a traffic accident; the scientist didn't want to believe his son was gone, so he input his mind into a computer and made a robot replacement. Carl's Father states he's more important than his original son, since an accident could kill him but a machine version of him won't die as easily. He offers to give his son a hundred-times a human's strength and weapons, but Shigeru declines them, but the scientist states when Camp Sunny Smiles started their invasion, he realized that as machines, they were suitable for ruling the Earth. Finishing the repairs, Carl's Father decides to offer his superlative skills to Camp Sunny Smiles once again.

In a gondola, McGee finds out from Gretchen that Carl's Father's base is on the other side of a Italy while Rosebud shows concern for Carl. The team see a Dr. Kurdoa's saucer as they arrive at the Carl's Father's house, questioning Carl where his father is, the boy telling them he's going to see the invaders and try something bad again.

On the Kurdoa's base is on the other side of a mountain, Genius Kuroda laughs at the idea of a human joining his machine forces; the scientist wonder what's so funny since he loves machines and doesn't see it a problem in joining Camp Sunny Smiles to crush the Camp Lakebottom losers. The another scientist wonders what a human could offer and states it's out of the question, telling his scientists to claustrophobia him; but Carl's Father tries to seed doubt claiming he'll come up with a plan to finish the Camp Lakebottom losers off! He also mentions he has an incredible power that a machine like Seiichi Kurdoa lacks: the power of hatred; the death of his son and wife showed him how weak humans are and created a hatred in God creating them fragile as well as a hatred in humans living in ignorance, revering God of Townsville. He thinks machines should destroy Earth and rule the planet in place of their God of Townsville, thus the power of his hatred.

Back at New York City, General Child arrives as McGee reports the situation and gives their chief kid a floppy disk they think may be a clue. When General Child asks about Carl, Armand and Gretchen reports Rosebud and Sawyer watching over him; McGee wonders why the boy wasn't brought with to the Kuroda's base and how he doesn't understand why. Meanwhile, Carl contemplates how he and his father used to come and play a lot at New York City, riding on the boats or horses in happier times. However the boy realizes the lie in that they were the memories of the original Carl programmed into him and nothing of it was his. However, an earthquake occurs as huge vines erupt from the ground, strangling Sawyer and Rosebud even as they try to contact McGee to respond. The four Camp Lakebottom Team rush and discover Carl on the ground unconscious who reports that Genius Kurdoa took Mr. Sawyer and Miss Rosebud, with Gretchen calling them stupid for them letting themselves be captured by this and McGee and Squirt telling them to search the area. However, McGee and Squirt soon responds to a discovery by Robotboy: the floppy has Robotboy, Protoboy and Robotgirl's blueprints and his body has a number of DNA Circuits within him. But before they can get further, the vines attack Armand, raising him in the air constricted while Carl's body turns vine rose and starts attacking the Camp Lakebottom Team, the team realizing this as the reason why the boy was left behind! Carl continues to attack the two males and female Camp Lakebottom Team, who transform to withstand his fire-breathing as the rose vines knock them away and drag Armand underground. Squirt, Gretchen and McGee pursue until they discover a cave where the trail ends. Inside, the door shuts as the three captured people and camp counselors are hanging with Carl's Father transformed into a rose vine monster with a second face beneath him of Carl! Carl's Father states that Kuroda's House had altered him so he could destroy the Camp Lakebottom Team as a machine; Kurdoa watches security screen wondering how much a human can accomplish when converted into a machine.

Carl's Father asks his son if he's pleased now that his father is a machine and that they can be together like this. Gretchen calls him mad, but Carl's Father believes this is his means of joining Kurdoa base. Carl's face shoots beams at the Camp Lakebottom Team while Carl's Father constricts Gretchen, Squirt and McGee with his vines, claiming the battle over and he'll strangle them all to death. Carl breathes fire towards the duo as Gretchen calls him mad, making Carl's Father wonder how he's hurting Carl in the process. The other people try to reawaken Carl's human heart as it continues to attack the Camp Lakebottom Team, but Carl's Father silences them as it continues to burn them. However, the boy and father suddenly stops, telling his father to stop as it cries beneath it's metallic face and Carl's Father's face, shocking the mad genius before he frees the Camp Lakebottom Team. On the Kuroda's House, Kuroda sees Carl's Father having failed and that humans are worthless as partners in the end while the boy robot breaks free from his father's grasp. As Kurdoa calls for "Buttsquat's Assistant Robot", a Kurdoa's Servant breaks free from the scientist's body attacking him and the Camp Lakebottom Team as the one of people named Victor Oscar laments Kuroda's Servant Robot's challenge, fighting shoting him until he's hit and burned away as he tells the Camp Lakebottom Team to escape and take care of kid and his dad as he blows up screaming for his Father's life, the Camp Lakebottom Team, Family and his people rushing away to protect his son.

As they emerge from the cave, Buttsquat's Assistant Robot rises to the surface to attack the Camp Lakebottom Team to fight it and the Frozen Donut Solders on the nearby hillside. The Kuroda's Servant throws out it's vines to attack the Camp Lakebottom Team before firing a beam attack tossing them to the ground until McGee slices off it's metal vines before using the Ginga Super Sword to weaken it long enough to use the Big Bang Bazooka. enlarged to grow Buttsquat's Servant Robot, making the Camp Lakebottom Team summon the Gorenger Airplane for Gorenger Robo. The Buttsquat's Servant tries to attack but is easily defended by the giant robot until it uses it's shot attack and retreats underground to attack from below until it's stopped by the Tree Super Sword and the Super Duper Sword Attack.

The Camp Lakebottom Team and Carl's Father rush to Carl as he lays on a rock; Gretchen tries to get Shigeru to respond but the boy robot asks if Victor Oscar is dead before stating he's going to die as well. Carl's Father tries to tell him that no matter how hard it gets, human's can't bear to think about dying but the robot boy states his Buttsquat was a bad guy but he still loved him. Thanking the Camp Lakebottom Team and his father, Carl dies on the hillside; but before they can cry, Robotboy states the Carl call a bucket of bolts isn't dead, merely stopped function; and that he will restore him with his robot hands after removing the DNA Circuits from his body.

A short time later, Carl is biking through New York City with the Camp Lakebottom Team and Carl's Father, playing as he used to as Robotboy, General Child, Alex the Lion, Gru, Wallace, Tiny and Dracula restore his confidence while stating he has a human heart and that humans have the power and courage to get past any hardship and that he has to work hard with that as well, leaving the strange mysterious Japanese creatues, Yokai, for a new rivals to pull and join them. Episode ends


  • McGee
  • Gretchen
  • Squirt
  • Victor Oscar (debut/killed/only appearance)
  • Buttsquat (mentioned)
  • Lise Carl (mentioned/killed)
  • Sawyer
  • New York People (debut/only appearance)
  • Robotgirl (debut/blueprint only/only appearance)
  • Protoboy (debut/blueprint only/only appearance)
  • Carl (last speaking appearance)
  • Carl's Father (last speaking appearance)
  • Buttsquat's Assistant Robot (killed/last appearance)
  • Rosebud
  • Armand
  • General Child (debut)
  • Robotboy (debut)
  • Genius Kuroda (debut)
  • Various Brave Shoguns Team (no lines)


For a transcript of the episode, see here.


  • Genius Kuroda is shown to be still alive in the series, though he is only seen in killed by Bara Ivy.
  • This is only episode in which the Shigeru Kuroda do not appear in.


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