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Buttsquat holding a pair of TP guns

The TP gun is a weapon that fires rolls of toilet paper. It first javascript:void('Source')appears in "Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch," and later appears in the game Protect the Flag where it is modified and named the TPzooka.



The TPzooka

The TP gun fires rolls of toilet paper at enemies, trapping them in toilet paper and stunning them for a short amount of time. In "Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch," it can hold up to four rounds of triple-ply toilet paper, but it can hold up to five rounds in Protect the Flag.


The TP gun is a yellow cylindrical weapon with a rectangular hole for the toilet paper and a red extension at the back for more ammo. There is a gray handle with a red trigger for a person to hold it, and a crosshairs at the front to help with aim. In Protect the Flag, the TP gun (now the TPzooka) now has a orange and blue shoulder rest for the user, and the handle has been moved up to the weapon's front.

Role in series[]

"Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch"[]

After McGee and Gretchen have found Squirt in the forest, McGee is suddenly hit by a roll of toilet paper. Buttsquat reveals it was him, and that he has come to Camp Lakebottom with a pair of TP guns to cover the camp with toilet paper. He aims at the trio, but is dragged deeper into the forest by Gitchy. The TP guns land near the three, and McGee and Gretchen each pick one to defend themselves with.

Gitchy then starts attacking them, and McGee and Gretchen start firing toilet paper at him, missing (but hitting a trapped Buttsquat). They continue this until Squirt stops them and tries to rejoin with Gitchy. McGee then fires a roll at Gitchy, who eats it and stares at them before flying away. Squirt mourns Gitchy fleeing, and McGee has an idea to capture Gitchy. McGee and Gretchen leave the TP guns in the forest before leaving.

Protect the Flag[]

The TP gun reappears as the fifth weapon in Camp Lakebottom's faction, now renamed the TPzooka. It costs 8,000 Medals to buy, and it has five ammo. When its projectiles hit an enemy, that enemy will become trapped in the toilet paper, temporarily stunning them. Its first upgrade costs 12,000 medals and makes the stunning effect last longer, and its second upgrade costs 16,000 medals and makes the stunning effect last longer.

Its Camp Sunny Smiles variant is the Net Cannon, and its Day of the Dread version is the Schwampbilly Snakebow.


  • Its Day of the Dread version (the Schwampbilly Snakebow) is based on the episode "Schwampbillies."


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