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Gretchen looking out of the submarine's porthole

The submarine is the vehicle McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt use to travel to Camp Bottomlake, where they meet their fish lookalikes. It only appears in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep."


The submarine was found buried under the sand at one of Lake Ickygloomy's beaches. It is fully functional and has several features, such as:

  • Several robotic arms that squirt condiments and give haircuts
  • A weapons system that shoots torpedoes
  • A fire extinguisher
  • A manual that is translated into French, Chinese, Klingon, and Hermit crab languages

However, due to the submarine being buried for a long time without maintenance, it has become frail in some places, up to the point where McGee can knock on the sub's wall and he will make a small hole.


The submarine is mostly gray and is somewhat cylindrical, with the body resembling a sideways balloon with rectangular attachments added to it, and a red tower added onto that. It has a main porthole and two small ones next to it, and a propeller at the very back of the vehicle. The rectangular have a pair of both spotlights and headlights as well as a hatch with a red handle, while the tower has a small window for viewing and a periscope.

Inside, the submarine is covered in algae and rust due to it being abandoned. There is a small stool for the captain, and a dashboard with a steering wheel and several buttons. Beside it is a large box with two meters and a lever, and at the back of the sub is a small shelf with a fire extinguisher above it.

Role in episode[]

While McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt are playing volleyball, McGee trips over the submarine’s periscope, and he and Squirt decide to dig it out of the sand. The three enter the sub and start exploring the lake, and Gretchen tells McGee to be cautious, due to the submarine’s condition.

Squirt finds an instruction manual for the sub, but McGee ignores him and starts fiddling with the controls, eventually causing him to shoot a torpedo into a rock blocking a passage. The nearby water rushing into the passage sucks the submarine into the passage, and McGee steers the sub as Gretchen and Squirt plug the holes caused by the bumpy ride. The sub then stops just outside of Camp Bottomlake, where McGill, Gretchfish, and Spout live.

Later, after the Bottom Dwellers save the Bottom Lurkers from Squidsquat, the latter group escape in the submarine, much to McGee's dismay. McGill starts piloting the sub, and Spout suggests he reads the manual, but McGill ignores Spout and starts fiddling with the controls, eventually causing him to launch a torpedo into a stalactite, making it fall onto Squidsquat. The Bottom Lurkers then return in the submarine and apologise to the Bottom Dwellers for leaving, and the latter group accept said apology.


  • The submarine's manual has Klingon as a language, which references the sci-fi series Star Trek.


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