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Stinky Pits
Stinky Pits
Type Canyons
Owner Unknown
Notable inhabitants Unknown

The Stinky Pits are a group of several canyons that are located near Camp Lakebottom. They only appear in "Slimeball Run."


The Stinky Pits are several canyons that are very deep in depth. No wildlife, dead or alive, has been seen living here, though there are streams of water found in the canyons. One of the canyons has an easily accessible way for people and vehicles to exit said canyon, though it is not shown onscreen. Its name implies that the canyons smell foul, possibly due to the geysers found in the canyons.


The Stinky Pits are a group of multiple steep-sided canyons that have small streams of water winding through the bottom of the canyons. There are also many inactive geysers scattered throughout the canyons.

Role in episode[]

During the third part of the Slimeball Run, McGee and Gretchen (in the McGee Mud Mover) leave the Schwamp and catch up to Buttsquat and Suzi (in the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer), who are driving near the Stinky Pits' opening. The two teams drive over the edge, and Buttsquat activates the Beach Blitzer's wings, causing it to glide to safety. McGee activates the Mud Mover's parachute, but it detaches the chassis from the buggy, causing the Mud Mover to fall. Sawyer and Armand (who are commentating the race in a hot air balloon) comment on the Bottom Dwellers' situation.

After the teams land safely on the Stinky Pits' bottom, Suzi activates the Beach Blitzer's bubble defence to slow the Mud Mover, before Buttsquat activates the Blitzer's magnifying glass, which focuses the sun's rays and cuts the Mud Mover in half. As Sawyer and Armand lament Team Lakebottom's low chances of winning, McGee uses the remaining parts of the Mud Mover to create a motorcycle, and he and Gretchen drive out of the canyons, much to Sawyer and Armand's delight.


  • Its name comes from "stinky armpits," due to the canyons being literal pits.
    • Despite what its name implies, none of the characters who visited the Stinky Pits have complained about any foul stenches coming from the canyons.
  • According to some TV guide descriptions for "Valley of the Iguanasquat," the Petrifying Forest and the dinosaur-filled valley near it are located near the Stinky Pits.