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Background information
Introduced In "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep"
Latest Appearance "The Warrior (shadow only)"
Species Squid
Voice Carter Hayden
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
Affiliations Evil
Enemies McGee
Likes Eating people
Dislikes People stopping him from eating

Squidsquat is a large squid version of Buttsquat who lives near Camp Bottomlake, and constantly tortures the campers who live there. He only appears in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep."


Squidsquat is a common enemy of McGill, Gretchfish, and Spout who constantly attacks their camp. To stop him from attacking, the Bottom Lurkers fed their counsellors (and presumably the Bottomlake counterparts of Suzi and several other recurring characters) to the squid, due to him being a carnivore. He lives in the water near Camp Bottomlake, which prevents the Bottom Lurkers from safely going swimming.


Squidsquat is a large red squid with six arms, two tentacles, and a butt. His face greatly resembles that of Buttsquat, and he has seaweed on his head reminiscent of Buttsquat's hair.

Role in episode[]

After McGee starts swimming in the water near Camp Bottomlake, Squidsquat emerges from the water and almost eats him, but he is saved by Gretchen and Squirt. The Bottom Lurkers explain that Squidsquat has to be fed in order to leave the camp alone, and the Bottom Dwellers decide to help them.

The Bottom Dwellers (now covered with fruit accessories and carrying fruit) go to feed Squidsquat, but realise that they are the meal. They pelt him with fruit, but he shrugs it off and tries to eat the campers, but they escape via seaweed hanging from stalactites. They then save the Bottom Lurkers from Squidsquat, and the Bottom Dwellers start trapping him with stalactites as the Bottom Lurkers escape using the Submarine.

McGee sees them leave and tries to stop them, but is stopped by Squidsquat. Gretchen and Squirt try to save McGee by making a stalactites fall, but it won't budge. In the submarine, McGill accidentally fires a torpedo, hitting the stalactite and trapping Squidsquat. Everyone celebrates Squidsquat's capture, and Spout officially calls him Bottomlake's new mascot as McGee gives him the name "Squidsquat," causing everyone to laugh as Squidsquat vows for revenge.


  • In later episodes featuring the Bottom Lurkers, a giant one-eyed squid replaces Squidsquat as the nuisance that bothers them.
  • His voice is the same as Buttsquat's, except it is slightly deeper and has an echo-like effect added to it.
  • Despite being called Squidsquat, he actually looks more like a mix between an octopus and a squid, due to him having two tentacles (a feature of squids) but a bulbous head (a feature of octopi).
    • In addition, he has six arms and two tentacles, which is a combination of the octopus' eight arms and the squid's two tentacles.


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