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Spider Mom
Background information
Introduced In "Arachnattack"
Latest Appearance "The Itchy Witchy Pizza Project"
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Spider Mom
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation Mother
Affiliations Bad/Neutral
Relatives Webster and two unnamed spider children
Likes Flies
Dislikes People messing with her children

The Spider Mom is a large spider who is the mother of Webster. She first appears in "Arachnattack."


The Spider Mom lives near the top of a mountain near Camp Lakebottom with her children, Webster and two unnamed spiders. Being a mother, she is really caring of her children, and will try to find them if one goes missing.

If she sees someone else with one of her children, she will become really hostile and will try to eat the person who had her child.

Powers and abilities[]

The Spider Mom can produce silk, which she can use to make webs and capture her prey. She is also really strong for her size, being able to tear one of Camp Lakebottom's cabins to pieces. It's unknown whether she can spit acid like her son, Webster, but she is able to roar in anger.


The Spider Mom is an extremely large, brown spider with eight red eyes (the front two have eyelashes), a huge abdomen, and eight long, hairy legs. She also has a mouth filled with sharp teeth, and a proboscis that she uses to eat her prey.