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Sonic Boom Wave Rider

The Sonic Boom Wave Rider is a type of jet ski that Camp Sunny Smiles uses. It first appears in "Jaws of Old Toothy."


The Sonic Boom Wave Rider is a vehicle owned and used by Camp Sunny Smiles, and Buttsquat is the only person shown using it. The jet ski is very fast, and is powerful enough to momentarily drive through sand (as shown in "Chilli Con Carnage").


The Sonic Boom Wave Rider is mostly white, with the Camp Sunny Smiles logo on the sides, black handlebars and an orange dashboard. There's also a small black nozzle at the back of the jet ski that causes it to accelerate.

Role in series[]

"Jaws of Old Toothy"[]

In a flashback, Buttsquat is riding on the Wave Rider trying to gain attention. He then accidentally drives up Old Toothy's back, launching him into the air and off the Wave Rider.

When McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt are playing in Lake Ickygloomy, Buttsquat arrives and splashes them with waves made by the Wave Rider. The Wave Rider's vibrations wake up Old Toothy, who uses his tail to launch Buttsquat and the Wave Rider into the air. The Wave Rider then crashes into the sand near McGee, Gretchen, Squirt, and Sawyer.

"Doo Doo Doomsday"[]

When McGee is dreaming of all the presents he could get for Doo Doo Day, one of the presents inside an egg was a Sonic Boom Wave Rider.

"Chilli Con Carnage"[]

Protect the Flag[]

Remote-control Sonic Boom Wave Riders (known as "RC Waveriders") first appear as enemies in Level 5 of Camp Lakebottom's campaign. Due to Buttsquat remodelling them, the Wave Riders are slower than normal, but are tougher as a result. They travel along the bottom of the screen, and they give the player 250 Medals when destroyed.


  • According to Buttsquat in "Jaws of Old Toothy," the Sonic Boom Wave Rider comes in packs of five.


Sonic Boom Wave Rider
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