SKYWRITER MEDIA & ENTERTAINMENT GROUP is an integrated entertainment company creating, producing, financing, acquiring and distributing outstanding broadcast, broadband and mobile digital content, such as Camp Lakebottom (Series). Our seasoned management team has delivered world class animation and live action content resulting in successful global brands. Whether through production, co-production, strategic alliances or acquisition our plan is to continue to build as a leading international multimedia content developer and distributor. Skywriter was launched in August 2009 by entertainment industry executives Kevin Gillis (Chief Executive Officer), Michael McLaughlin (President) and Michael Iscove (Chief Operating Officer/Chief Financial Officer) as a company committed to the creation, development, financing, acquisition and distribution of quality genre programming for the global marketplace, including family entertainment, documentary, lifestyle and natural history. In addition, Skywriter focuses on the production, distribution, and marketing of advertiser-supported content for all emerging media in association with leading advertising agencies, technology and digital media companies. Skywriter has recently launched Skyreader – a cutting edge media enriched e-reading platform. Skyreader‘s unique content and application will provide readers with the ability to experience eBook content in a new, multimedia, feature rich way that leverages the capabilities of mobile devices. Conceived as a destination partner for the entertainment community, Skywriter is a one stop source for producers of programming and broadcasters alike, that nurtures the creative process and delivers the highest quality product to the global marketplace.