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A skunk cabbage is a type of plant that constantly releases gas. It first appears in "Slimeball Run."


The skunk cabbage is one of the many plants that grow in the Schwamp. It constantly releases foul-smelling gas from the tail's tip (while making a fart sound), and will release more gas than usual if squeezed. It grows on the surface of the Schwamp's water, and will float on the surface until it is removed.


The skunk cabbage resembles a head of brownish-green cabbage with the black and white striped tail of a skunk sticking out of the middle. The gas it releases is light-brown in color.

Role in series[]

"Slimeball Run"[]

When McGee and Gretchen (in the McGee Mud Mover) are racing Buttsquat and Suzi (in the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer) through the Schwamp, Buttsquat uses one of the Beach Blitzer's darts to pop one of the Mud Mover's tires. After seeing a skunk cabbage fart, McGee gets the idea to use a skunk cabbage's gas (along with his underwear) to fix the tire. Gretchen then massively inflates the tires using a skunk cabbage, and she and McGee continue the race.

"McGee. T"[]


  • Its name, appearance, and foul-smelling gas are a literal pun on the Symplocarpus foetidus, a species of wetlands-inhabiting plant known as the skunk cabbage that produces a foul smell when its leaves are bruised.
    • He looks like Homer Simpson from The Simpsons and Richard from The Amazing World Of Gumball
    • Skunk cabbage Farting appears in Barbapapa and Regular Show
    • Terry from Rick and Morty and Terry from Solar Opposites