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Suzi and Buttsquat in Seazillas

Buttsquat and Suzi in their Seazillas.

A Seazilla is a type of multi-terrain vehicle owned by Camp Sunny Smiles and used by Buttsquat and Suzi. It first appears in "Sword of Ittibiticus."


Suzi and Buttsquat in Snowzillas

Buttsquat and Suzi in their land-traversing Snowzillas.

A Seazilla is a water-based vehicle that Buttsquat describes as a "fully air-conditioned fun-mobile." It has several features that help keep the driver cool, such as an ice cream machine and an air-conditioner. Its dome can be opened via a button on the dashboard, though it occasionally gets stuck when pushed quickly enough.

Via another button on the dashboard, Seazillas can transform into Snowzillas, land based versions of Seazillas with robotic skis that help them move.


A Seazilla is a jet ski-styled vehicle that resembles the head of a sea dragon. It has a blue body with yellow eyes, two yellow ears, a nose, some brown spikes on the back, and brown teeth surrounding the dome. It also has the Camp Sunny Smile logo on the side, and has a brown exhaust pipe. Inside, the seat is brown and the dashboard has two circular buttons above a row of five square buttons, along with handlebars.

Role in series[]

"Sword of Ittibiticus"[]

When McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt lament about Lake Ickygloomy being too hot to swim in, Buttsquat and Suzi arrive in their Seazillas to taunt them. Buttsquat eats some of the free ice cream and gets a brain freeze, while Suzi invites McGee in her Seazilla, only to purposely close the dome before McGee gets in. She breaks the dome by pressing the button too much, and blames McGee before she and Buttsquat leave to get it fixed.

At Camp Sunny Smiles, Buttsquat tries to fix the Seazilla and gets his head stuck, while Suzi complains about McGee ruining the Seazilla. When she sees Camp Lakebottom covered in snow due to Ittibiticus, she quickly fixes her Seazilla and she goes to Camp Lakebottom, followed by Buttsquat. When there, they change the Seazillas into Snowzillas, before driving up to McGee and the others.

After Ittibiticus freezes Buttsquat and Suzi, he seizes control of Suzi's Snowzilla, sand McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt seize the other. The drivers briefly joust, before Ittibiticus starts shooting with his sword. McGee and the others jump and he throws ice at the Snowzilla's dashboard, causing Ittibiticus to freeze himself. When Buttsquat and Suzi thaw, they start driving the Snowzilla’s back to their camp and Ittibiticus starts to thaw.

"Ice Queen"[]

The Snowzilla containing Ittibiticus is seen in Camp Sunny Smiles' storage shed. When Suzi causes a bowling ball to crack its dome, it unleashes a small snowstorm, freeing Ittibiticus and giving Suzi amnesia.


Suzi and Buttsquat in Seazillas
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