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Screech Island

Guyacation Island

Name Screech Island

Guyacation Island

Type Island
Appearance "Cheeks of Dread"
Location Somewhere in Lake Ickygloomy
Notable inhabitants Chipper

Unnamed Prison Guy (deceased) Unnamed Screech Island Prison Guards (deceased) General Prison (deceased)

Screech Island is an island located in Lake Ickygloomy, and is home to Chipper. It only appears in "Cheeks of Dread."


Screech Island is a large island that is covered in dead trees and rocks. It also has a large mountain located in its centre. In Chipper's part of the island, there are hundreds of human skulls scattered around the area.

Role in episode[]

McGee, Gretchen, Squirt, and Sawyer travel here for a camping trip. Buttsquat later arrives on the island wanting to show the campers his new helicopter, but is attacked by Chipper. At the end of the episode, the campers and Buttsquat escape Chipper and leave the island using the helicopter.

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