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Type Swamp
Owner Unknown
Notable inhabitants Philbilly

The Schwamp is a large swamp that is located near Camp Lakebottom, and is home to many species of wildlife. It first appears in "Slimeball Run."


The Schwamp is a large swamp filled with murky water and foul-smelling gas, the latter being due to the various skunk cabbages in the Schwamp. It is home to many various animals and plants, most of which are harmful (like the scary crocodiles and mutant catfish). It is also home to a trio of animal hillbillies named Philbilly, Jillbilly, and Willbilly.


The Schwamp is a large murky water-filled area with a few patches of land, many trees that have vines growing on them, lily pads, and tufts of grass. On some land patches, there are bushes that range from red to green in colors, groups of reeds, and rocks.

Role in series[]

"Slimeball Run"[]

During the Slimeball Run, McGee and Gretchen (driving the McGee Mud Mover) and Buttsquat and Suzi (in the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer) race through the Schwamp. Buttsquat uses one of the Beach Blitzer's darts to pop one of the McGee Mud Mover's tires, and the Beach Blitzer gains a lead.

While McGee and Gretchen are dragging the McGee Mud Mover, McGee sees a skunk cabbage fart, giving him an idea. They use the skunk cabbage (along with McGee's underwear) to fix the tire, and then use the skunk cabbage to massively inflate all the other tires before driving off. Sawyer and Armand (who are commentating on the race) fall from their blimp into the Schwamp, and Sawyer comments that the swamp gas smells bad. Armand states it was actually him, due to his nervous stomach.

"The Great Tiki Hunt"[]

"The Legend of Wiggly's Gold"[]

"Apocalypse Squirt"[]


"Lucky Duck"[]

"Little Saint Nicky"[]



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