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The school bus is a bus previously owned and used by Camp Sunny Smiles, before becoming the bus that Lakebottom. It first appears in "Escape From Camp Lakebottom."


The school bus was a vehicle that the staff at Camp Sunny Smiles used when their normal bus was full, and was in commission until an incident where Slimey dragged the bus into Lake Ickygloomy. The bus then remained in the lake until the staff at Camp Lakebottom salvaged it and claimed it as their own.

A bus driver was employed to drive the bus, but he quit his job in "Escape From Camp Lakebottom." Since then, Rosebud has driven the bus (despite being both inexperienced and too short to reach the pedals without assistance).



The bus' interior

The school bus is a orange-yellow decrepit school bus that has multiple small dents in it and a broken headlight. The bus door has been replaced by a wooden screen door and the roof is replaced by a curved tin roof, and the roof has a brown container filled with a green suitcase, a purple suitcase, and two green oil barrels. On the bus' front, a wooden plank replaces where the words "School bus" would be (or other similar messages), and the exhaust pipe has a red ribbon tied around it and a red tin can at the end.

Inside the bus, the walls, ceiling, and floors are incredibly rusty, and the windows are mostly dirty. The emergency exit door at the back of the bus is covered by two wooden boards nailed to the back wall. The seats are greyish-blue and are damaged in some way, with springs visibly poking out of the fabric or holes in the seats patched or taped up.

Role in series[]

"Escape From Camp Lakebottom"[]

After Buttsquat leaves in Camp Sunny Smiles' bus, the school bus is what McGee enters to go to Camp Sunny Smiles (along with Gretchen and Squirt). While on the way to Camp Sunny Smiles, Buttsquat changes one of the road signs, causing the school bus to go down another route towards Camp Lakebottom. Once there, the bus driver kicks the campers off the bus, and Slimey quickly pulls the bus into Lake Ickygloomy.

"Operation: McMom"[]

"The Camp Lakebottom Classic Part 1"[]

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