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McGee, Gretchen, Squirt, and Buttsquat infected by rashmallows

Rashmallows is a type of illness that causes the victim to break out in marhsmallow-like bumps, before swelling shortly after. It first appears in "Marshmallow Madness."


Rashmallows is contracted when a person eats any part of a marshmallow bush (unless they are a sasquatch, since they are immune). The amount of time a person takes to contract rashmallows seemingly depends on how much they each. Interestingly, if a person eats dozens of marshmallow bushes, it takes several hours for the first signs to show, while eating a few small marshmallows gives the consumer rashmallows in mere minutes.

After a period of a few minutes to a few hours, the person starts breaking out in marshmallow-like bumps. These bumps are incredibly itchy, and scratching one causes it to release white goo, which (almost instantaneously) grows into a marshmallow bush, no matter what surface the goo lands on. Soon after, the victim swells up and become puffy, like a marshmallow. It's unknown what happens to a victim after this point (though it's implied not to be good).

The only known cure for rashmallows is sasquatch saliva. Coating rashmallows in sasquatch saliva pops all rashmallows and reduce swelling at the affected area.

Role in episode[]

After eating all the marshmallow bushes at Marsh Meadow the previous night, McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt wake to find out they contracted the rashmallows. After showing Rosebud and Sawyer, the five then try several things to cure the disease or prevent the scratching, but they all fail.

Soon after, the infected campers (now puffed up) find Armand gorging on marshmallow bushes and use him to clear all the bushes, due to him being immune. However, this soon causes him to become a crazed monster, hallucinating the campers as giant marshmallows. Buttsquat arrives and soon catches the rashmallows.

During this rampage, Armand licks Buttsquat's arm, curing Buttsquat's arm and revealing the cure. McGee jumps into Armand's mouth, curing himself and stunning Armand. Rosebud and Sawyer quickly capture Armand and use his spit to cure the other campers, returning Armand back to normal.


  • The name is a portmanteau of "rash," due to the irritability of the bumps, and "marshmallows," due to the appearance of the bumps.
  • Rashmallows appear to be a combination of the measles and mumps diseases, as it causes a measles-like rash and a mumps-like swelling. Upon discovering his rashmallows, McGee even exclaims "I've got the mumps! The measles! My measles have the mumps!"
  • Rashmallows appear to be a serious illness, as Rosebud, the lobster she was fighting, and Sawyer gasped in horror when they saw the infected campers (though this could be due to knowing about Armand's addiction to marshmallows).