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Background information
Introduced In "Slimeball Run"
Latest Appearance "Slimeball Run"
Species Armadillo
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
Affiliations Good
Allies Squirt
Enemies Buttsquat
Likes Being near Squirt
Dislikes Loud noises and/or vehicles

Pinky is a big pink armadillo that is one of Squirt's many animal friends. He only appears in "Slimeball Run."


Pinky is an armadillo that is very timid. Whenever he hears a loud noise or sees a large fast vehicle closely passing near him (like the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer), he curls up into a ball and rolls quickly away. His large size and fast speed while rolling can cause some damage, such as destroying the Camp Lakebottom outhouse.


Pinky is a large pink armadillo that has three claws on each paw, a small tail, and a slight overbite. He has several plates of armor covering his back, a plate on his forehead, and a plate on his tail. Some of the plates have gray spots on them.

Role in episode[]

At the beginning of the episode, McGee falls into a pile of Pinky's poop after he flies off a ledge while sandboarding. When Buttsquat and Suzi arrive in the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer, the loud noises scares Pinky into rolling into a ball, speedily rolling away from the sounds.

Soon after the Slimeball Run starts, McGee and Gretchen (in the McGee Mud Mover) and Buttsquat and Suzi (in the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer) drive around Squirt and Pinky playing patty-cake. The McGee Mud Mover crashing causes Pinky to roll into a ball and roll away.

Near the end of the Slimeball Run, McGee and Gretchen pass by Squirt and Pinky having a picnic, startling Pinky. Squirt calms him down, but the Buttsuqat Beach Blitzer scares him, causing him to roll into a ball. Buttsquat and Suzi start using him to flatten Camp Lakebottom, but McGee hops onto Pinky. He and Pinky roll into Sawyer and Armand's counter, are rebounded into the air, and land onto the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer, crushing it and letting Camp Lakebottom win. Squirt soon congratulates Pinky, and McGee wins the (now flattened) Buttsquat Beach Blitzer.


  • Pinky could be named after the pink fairy armadillo, which is ironic due the pink fairy armadillo being the smallest species of armadillo.
  • Looks like Ickis from Aaahh Real Monsters and the Babs and Buster Bunny from Tiny Toon Adventures
  • Lazlo and Edward Platypus from Camp Lazlo, Rocko and Filburt from Rocko's Modern Life, Bart Simpson from The Simpsons and Tommy Pickles from Rugrats


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