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Background information
Introduced In "Rise of the Bottom Dwellers"
Latest Appearance "S.P.U.D.S."
Species Living oatmeal
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Otis
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
Affiliations Good
Allies Squirt, Gretchen, McGee (as of "S.P.U.D.S.")
Enemies Buttsquat, the Potato King, Mutant Potatoes
Likes Squirt
Dislikes McGee (until "S.P.U.D.S."), Suzi

Otis is a living gelatinous blob of oatmeal that Rosebud made in the episode "Rise of the Bottom Dwellers." He is friends with Squirt, and dislikes McGee (at least until the episode "S.P.U.D.S.").


Otis is usually happy, especially near Squirt. When Rosebud first served him, he attacked Squirt before becoming his friend. He even agrees with him when Squirt says the future looks brighter when Suzi was kidnapped by the Potato King.

Throughout "Rise of the Bottom Dwellers," he is shown to dislike McGee, to the point of attaching himself to the latter's face, making McGee run around in a blind panic trying to get him off. However, by "S.P.U.D.S.", Otis is more friendly with McGee, and helps him try to stop Buttsquat when he's trying to change the potato field.

Powers and abilities[]

Otis has the ability to shape his body into different shapes, and can make arms and legs so he can move. He can also make a face and a mouth (complete with tongue) so he can express his emotions. He can also attack people (usually McGee) by latching onto their face.


Otis is a brown blob of oatmeal who is usually seen wearing a chipped red bowl with a yellow stripe, the same bowl Rosebud served him to Squirt in.

Role in series[]

"Rise of the Bottom Dwellers"[]

When Rosebud serves McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt oatmeal for breakfast, the oatmeal becomes alive and attacks them. Squirt's batch of oatmeal stops attacking him and affectionately perches itself on his head, and Squirt names the oatmeal Otis, much to Otis' delight. Otis then continues to sit on Squirt's head for most of the episode.

After he, Squirt, and Gretchen dodge the boulder McGee dislodged by climbing Voodoo Hoodoo, Otis angrily attacks McGee and knocks him off the boulder, and Squirt fails to catch McGee while Otis lands on Squirt's head. After the Bottom Dwellers fail at competing against Buttsquat via knitting, Otis knocks McGee into Lake Ickygloomy. As Gretchen and Squirt try to prove to McGee that Camp Lakebottom is the best camp ever, Otis agrees with Squirt when he says that Camp Lakebottom is the best camp. At the end of the episode, Otis latches onto McGee's face while McGee says that Camp Lakebottom is the best camp ever.



  • His name comes from the food "oatmeal," which Otis is a living blob of.


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