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Opposite ring

The opposite ring glowing brightly

The opposite ring is a magical ring owned by Rosebud that causes the wearer to act the complete opposite of themselves. It only appears in the episode "Ring Around the Gretchen."


As stated before, the opposite ring is a magic ring that causes the wearer to act the complete opposite of themselves. This is mainly seen when Gretchen, a kick-butt no-nonsense tomboy, is transformed into Greta, a fashion loving, filth loathing girly girl. Fortunately, the ring's effects wear off as soon as the ring is taken of the wearer's finger.

Despite its harmlessness, there is one big catch with the opposite ring; if a person wears the opposite ring for 24 hours straight, the ring's effect will become permanent and the person will remain opposite forever.


The opposite ring is simply a small golden ring with a green glowing gemstone attached to the top.

Role in episode[]

When McGee and Squirt decide to help Gretchen become a girly girl for the Little Miss Cutie Beauty Camper Girl Pageant, they go to the mess hall's lost and found box to find some clothing. McGee clears out the box and sees the opposite ring at the box's bottom, and he takes it for safe keeping. McGee, Squirt, and Armand then girlify Gretchen, and McGee puts the ring on her finger to complete the transformation.

Soon after, Gretchen starts showing some strange behaviour, such as refusing to do gross stuff and liking spa treatments, which leads to Suzi inviting Gretchen to join Camp Sunny Smiles. McGee and Squirt spy on her while questioning what happened to her, and Rosebud appears and asks if they have seen a green glowing ring, as that is her lost opposite ring. McGee tells her that Gretchen is wearing it, and Rosebud warns that if Gretchen wears the ring for 24 hours straight, she will become permanently opposite. McGee and Squirt then plan to steal the ring back.

At Camp Sunny Smiles, McGee and Squirt set up a trap for Gretchen (now called Greta), where Squirt dresses up as a vending machine to grab the ring. However, it fails, and the pageant soon starts. McGee tries to get the ring via a magnet, but accidentally attracts an anvil, launching him into a costume box and giving him an idea. Before the pageant ends, Squirt gives the host (Buttsquat) a note, saying that Greta will be tango dancing with Maggie, who is actually McGee. Maggie twirls Greta around, causing the ring to fly off Gretchen's finger and onto Suzi's, causing her to become a tomboy and dress like Gretchen.


  • The title of its introductory episode ("Ring Around the Gretchen") foreshadows Gretchen's transformation via the opposite ring.
  • The phrase "opposite ring" is a real mathematical term that refers to the opposite of a mathematical ring.
  • McGee failing to attract the ring with the magnet makes sense, as the ring is made of gold, which is non-magnetic.


Opposite ring
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