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Ocean Ape #5878 is Mcgee and Suzi's thought to be deceased pet but was revealed to be alive after Mcgee and Suzi's ceremony and came back to strike for being flushed by said siblings.


Ocean Ape #5878 used to look like a normal Sea Monkey until Mcgee and Suzi flushed the latter down the toilet after many years of living in raw sewage 5878 mutated into a Giant ocean ape along with #3417.


5878 shows to have some hatred Mcgee and Suzi because from their bickering and ended up flushing down him and all his brothers and sisters but he still loves Mcgee and Suzi but after finding out they had other pets made them hate them again!, He also seemed to have been Traumatized by the Flushing that the word "STAY OUT OF THIS!" caused him to flush himself down the giant toilet Him and 3417 created to flush Suzi and Mcgee.