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New World is a 2017 Canadian animated comedy action adventure musical fantasy science fiction television film directed by Jennifer Sherman and Mark Thornton, written by Shawn Kalb and produced by 9 Story Media Group and Neptoon Studios. The film premiered in Canada on Teletoon on October 6, 2017. It also premiered in the United States on Nicktoons on February 2, 2018. It released on October 6, 2017. It released on DVD on October 7, 2017. It also released on Blu-Ray on March 2, 2018 with the word, "As seen on Nicktoons!" in the United States.


Jordan Buttsquat, Suzi and Bud Bunson went to the world of Looped and meet new friends, Luc and his best friend Theo. They called Luc "Lucas" while meeting. They are going to play a game called Uno. and when they're done, tonight they are going to the dance with Suzi. But, Buttsquat and Luc are fighting over her. Theo try to stop them, but it didn't work. Meanwhile, A big alien machine destroy the town. So, They came to stop it. They use helecopters to fight it. Suzi asks Luc to sit next to him so, Luc did. Once they done, they go to the dance to dance to the music.



  • The reason why the movie is called "New World" is because Suzi and Jordan Buttsquat are the movie characters who got into the world of Looped.
  • Lucas is trying to be love with Suzi, but he and Buttsquat are fighting over her.