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Mud Turret

Buttsquat manning a mud turret.

The Mud Turret is a weapon owned by Camp Sunny Smiles and used by Buttsquat as a way to get rid of intruders. It first appears in the episode "Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch," and later appears in the game Protect the Flag as a modified hand gun weapon called the Mud Cannon.


Mud Cannon

The Mud Cannon

The Mud Turret shoots high-velocity mudballs that damages enemies, and occasionally splits into smaller mudballs that damage other enemies. The Mud Turret has a large amount of ammo (due to it having a large supply of mud), while the Mud Cannon has 8 ammo when purchased, 16 ammo when upgraded, and 24 ammo when upgraded again.


The Mud Turret is a four-legged grey stationary turret that fires mudballs from the large cannon at its front. On its top, it has a large bowl filled with mud, and a blue tube that sends the mud to the turret's cannon. At the back, there is a red seat for the turret's operator, and a pair of joysticks to help control the turret.

The Mud Cannon is a small dark blue gun model of the Mud Turret, and has a similar mud storage system as such. The bowl is connected to the gun with a green tube, and the gun has a handle with a red trigger.

Role in series[]

"Late Afternoon of the Living Gitch"[]

When McGee sets off Camp Sunny Smiles' alarms while he, Gretchen, and Squirt try to sneak into the camp to prank it, the alarms wake Buttsquat, who hops onto the Mud Turret and starts firing at the Bottom Dwellers. He is defeated when McGee uses Gitchy's stench to knock Buttsquat unconscious, rendering the Mud Turret safe.

Protect the Flag[]

The Mud Turret reappears as the third weapon in Camp Lakebottom's faction, now modified and renamed the Mud Cannon. It costs 2,500 Medals to buy, and it has eight ammo. Its projectiles are fast and powerful, and occasionally split into smaller mudballs. Its first upgrade costs 5,000 medals and makes the mudballs split into more mudballs, and its second upgrade costs 8,000 medals and makes the mudballs split into even more mudballs.

Its Camp Sunny Smiles counterpart is called the Gum Cannon, and its Day of the Dread version is the Fireball Cannon.


  • For some reason, the Mud Cannon is part of Camp Lakebottom's weaponry, despite the original Mud Turret being owned by Camp Sunny Smiles.


Mud Turret
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