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Mud Suzis
Background information
Introduced In "28 Suzis Later"
Latest Appearance "28 Suzis Later"
Species Mud clone
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation
Affiliations Evil
Allies Suzi
Each other
Enemies Gretchen
Likes Everything Suzi likes
Dislikes Everything Suzi dislikes

The Mud Suzis are obedient clones of Suzi that are made of mud from the Magic mud pit. They only appear in "28 Suzis Later."


The Mud Suzis are a result of Suzi falling into the magic mud pit, causing the mud inside to start cloning her. They are extremely loyal to Suzi, and follow every command she makes, no matter what the command. They are nearly identical to the original Suzi, except for a few small differences:

  • They have noticeable mud drips on their bodies.
  • They are completely mute, except for a hissing/growling sound they make when angered.
  • They are some-what mindless, and do not have Suzi's personality (though they do share her interests and disinterests).

Role in episode[]

The morning after Suzi moves into Camp Lakebottom, McGee starts seeing several Mud Suzis, mistaking them for the original Suzi and freaking out due to how Suzi seemingly appears everywhere at once. Two of the clones soon attack Buttsquat when he arrives to forgive Suzi. McGee, Gretchen, Squirt, and Suzi quickly discover the existence of multiple clones, and Suzi rallies them together to turn the camp into Camp Suzi.

McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt find the source of the clones (the magic mud pit) while the Suzis transform Camp Lakebottom. McGee stands up to Suzi, only for her and her clones to kick everyone out of Camp Suzi (except for Armand, due to his hairdressing abilities). McGee, Gretchen, Squirt, Sawyer, and Rosebud quickly disguise themselves as Suzi and infiltrate Camp Suzi, only for Gretchen to blow their cover by talking to Suzi (since the clones don't talk). Suzi quickly orders the clones to chase McGee and the others, but they escape the clones.

When McGee and his friends find Buttsquat, Suzi and her clones arrive, ready to attack. After failing to make Suzi and Buttsquat forgive each other, McGee finally admits that it was his fault that Suzi moved to Camp Lakebottom. Suzi accepts the apology, and she commands her clones to move to Camp Sunny Smiles, to Buttsquat's horror.


  • The highest amount of Mud Suzis seen at the same time is 35.