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Mr. Gritcherson
Mr. Gritcherson
Background information
Introduced In "Meet the Gretch's Parents"
Latest Appearance "Meet the Gretch's Parents"
Species Human
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation Movie star
Affiliations Good
Relatives Mrs. Gritcherson (wife)
Gretchen (daughter)
Allies McGee
Likes Acting
Dislikes Anything scary, icky, or intimidating

Mr. Gritcherson is Gretchen's dad who acts in movies alongside his wife, Mrs. Gritcherson. He only appears in "Meet the Gretch's Parents."


Both Mr. and Mrs. Gritcherson are famous movie stars known for being fearless, playing every type of hero in existence, and their extremely popular movies. However, in reality, Mr. and Mrs. Gritcherson are extremely cowardly, and have been described by Gretchen as "the world's biggest cowards," up to the point where they sent stunt doubles of themselves to Gretchen's birthday parties because they didn’t trust the candles on the birthday cake.

Despite their cowardliness and their movie star popularity, Mr. and Mrs Gritcherson still deeply care for their daughter, though their popularity can accidentally get in the way of her life..


Mr. Gritcherson is a slightly muscular man with combed brown hair and a cleft chin. He wears a black bow tie (that plays action music), a white shirt under a light gray tuxedo, black trousers, and brown shoes.

Role in episode[]

When the Bottom Dwellers are waiting for Mt. Fittoblow to erupt, a jet with Mr. and Mrs. Gritcherson in it appears and crashes, while the Gritchersons escape unharmed. McGee and Squirt are excited about the Gritchersons visiting, though Gretchen is less pleased, due to their popularity getting in the way of her life.

When an ash cloud from Mt. Fittoblow descends onto Camp Lakebottom, Armand tries to ask the Gritchersons for an autograph, but they run away in fear up Mt. Fittoblow. The others see them and think that the Gritchersons are acting (except for Gretchen), and follow them up the mountain.

When Gretchen meets with her parents, they beg for her to save them, shocking McGee and Squirt. Gretchen reveals how her parents are actually really cowardly, and that their stunts aren't as epic as they seem. Mr. and Mrs. Gritcherson then accidentally fall into Mt. Fittoblow, where they are saved by Gretchen. The mountain erupts, causing the Gritchersons to faint and giving Armand the perfect opportunity for getting a picture of them.


Mr. Gritcherson
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