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The three types of medals: Bronze, Silver, and Gold

Medals are the currency used to buy and upgrade weapons in the game Protect the Flag. Their Day of the Dread versions are Crowns.


Medals come in three types:

  • Bronze (worth 1 medal)
  • Silver (worth 10 medals)
  • Gold (worth 50 medals)

To earn medals, the player must defeat enemies (though not every enemy will drop medals). At the end of the level, the player will earn gold medals depending on how high their flag is. In the app, the player can also purchase medals using real-life money.


Medals are small, circular objects that are very shiny. Bronze medals are bronze, silver medals are silver and have three points, while gold medals are gold and have four points.


Medals are used to buy and/or upgrade weapons between levels. Each weapon can be upgraded two times.

  • Marshmallow Slingshot/Green Goo Slingshot
    • Unlocked at the start of the game
    • Upgrade 1: 1,600 medals
    • Upgrade 2: 3,500 medals
  • Water Soaker
    • Purcase cost: 1,000 medals
    • Upgrade 1: 3,500 medals
    • Upgrade 2: 8,000 medals
  • Mud Cannon/Gum Cannon
    • Purchase cost: 2,500 medals
    • Upgrade 1: 5,000 medals
    • Upgrade 2: 10,000 medals
  • Carrot Fartzooka/Tennis Ball Blaster
    • Purchase cost: 6,000 medals
    • Upgrade 1:
    • Upgrade 2:
  • TPzooka/Net Cannon
    • Purchase cost: 8,000 medals
    • Upgrade 1:
    • Upgrade 2:
  • Bagged Lunch Rosebud/Tiara Boomerang Suzi
    • Purchase cost: 15,000 medals
    • Upgrade 1:
    • Upgrade 2:


  • Both factions share the same pool of medals.
  • If the player erases their save data, the player will keep the medals they had before erasing, making subsequent playthroughs much easier.
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