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McGee and Gretchen in the McGee Mud Mover

The McGee Mud Mover is a dune buggy driven by McGee and Gretchen that was built to race the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer in the Slimeball Run. It only appears in "Slimeball Run."


The McGee Mud Mover is a shoddily made dune buggy that is surprisingly fast despite its appearance. It was built very quickly, and it has several features, including (but not limited to);

  • Futuristic aerodynamics (exaggerated by McGee)
  • State-of-the-art zero pollution exhaust (completely false)
  • A frost-free body (along with a dead fish)
  • A horn
  • An airbag
  • Brakes (which completely fail)
  • A parachute (activated by a red button, but it deattaches the chassis from the Mud Mover)


The McGee Mud Mover has a dented light-green refrigerator as a chassis, with the bottom door removed so the passengers can sit in it. There is also a small windshield attached to the chassis. The buggy has a grill on the front, and two headlights. It has four gray wheels with tires on them, and gray axles attach the wheels to the buggy. There is also another grill at the back, and an exhaust pipe with a tin can on it.

Inside, there are seats with light-green and pink vertically striped cushions. The dashboard is light-green and has a steering wheel (made out of a toilet seat) and a red button.

Role in episode[]

When Buttsquat and Suzi are showing off the Buttsquat Beach Blitzer, McGee argues that his (then non-existant) McGee Mud Mover is better. Buttsquat and Suzi challenge McGee and Gretchen to a race, where the winners take the losers' vehicle. McGee and Gretchen accept, and start to build the Mud Mover.

Later, when McGee and Gretchen show up in the newly-built McGee Mud Mover, Buttsquat and Suzi claim it isn’t worth winning, so they say that they get ownership of Camp Lakebottom if they win, and McGee and Gretchen accept without thinking. The race starts and (after stalling) the Mud Mover starts driving after the Beach Blitzer.

Throughout the race, the Mud Mover meets many inconveniences. First, its tire was popped by the Beach Blitzer (but was fixed via a Skunk cabbage and McGee's underwear, and the tires were inflated even more due to the Skunk cabbage). Then (after the brakes fail and the chassis is carried away by the parachute), the Beach Blitzer cuts it in half with a beam of light. McGee and Gretchen uses the remaining parts to make a motorcycle.

As McGee and Gretchen are on the final stretch, Buttsquat and Suzi start using Pinky to destroy Camp Lakebottom. McGee gives Gretchen control of the Mud Mover as he jumps on Pinky. After he and Pinky destroy the Beach Blitzer, Gretchen and the Mud Mover pass the finish line, causing Camp Lakebottom to win the Slimeball Run.



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