Background information
Introduced In "Escape From Camp Lakebottom"
Latest Appearance "The Camp Lakebottom Classic Part 2"
Species Human
Voice Scott McCord[1]
Age 12
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name McGee
Other names Baby bruv-bruv (Suzi)
Gender Male
Age Occupation Camper
Affiliations Good
Relatives Mom (mother), Dad (father), Suzi (older sister)
Pets A swarm of Ocean Apes (formerly)
Allies Gretchen
Enemies Buttsquat
Suzi (mixed)
Likes Having fun with his friends, being at Camp Lakebottom (currently), Doo Doo Day (currently), being at Camp Sunny Smiles (formerly)
Dislikes Buttsquat's bullying, Suzi's bullying and manipulative tactics, Camp Lakebottom (formerly), Doo Doo Day (formerly), Camp Sunny Smiles (currently), Buttsquat
McGee is one of the main protagonists of Camp Lakebottom. He is an adventurous and optimistic person. If there is a will, there is a way according to him. But when he gets in trouble; it is oh snap, I did not see that coming. But in the end he is seems to have some sort of fun.


How do you describe such coolness? For starters, nothing is going to stop McGee from having the ultimate summer this year. He's your typical, yet resourceful easy going, life-is-a-sundae-with-a-cherry-on-top kind of kid; blessed with an uncanny level of self confidence, constantly on the search for fun and completely void of the "planning ahead" gene. McGee never shies away from a challenge, most of which he's wholly unequipped for, with a positive "can-do-because-I-haven't-really-thought-it-through" attitude. McGee's constant obsession is pulling pranks on the camp across the lake, Camp Sunny Smiles and his arch nemesis, Buttsquat. All while chilling with his amazing pals at the spookiest most awesome camp EVER![2]


McGee is a 12-year old short, slender boy and has brown hair and black eyes, wears a blue shirt, dark blue shorts, has pale brown skin and brown sneakers.



Ever since their first adventure at Camp Lakebottom, McGee and Gretchen have become best friends, alongside Squirt and the councillors. Whenever Gretchen needs help with something (whether she's fighting a monster or just living her camp life), McGee would be one of the first people to help her.

However, McGee's impulsiveness, his tendency to put actions before words, and his sense of adventure can lead to him and Gretchen arguing, like in "The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha Ha! Part 2" when they blame each other for driving Squirt away. However, they always make up in the end.

In "The Camp Lakebottom Classic Part 1," it's implied that McGee may have a romantic interest in Gretchen, as he leans in to kiss her near the end of the episode (though Gretchen ruins the moment when she sneezes on his face). Squirt notices this moment and even describes as "romantic."




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