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A lone marshmallow bush

A marshmallow bush is a species of bush that is made entirely of marshmallows. They only appear in "Marshmallow Madness."


Marshmallow bushes are only seen growing in Marsh Meadow. Being made of marshmallows, the bushes are delicious, somewhat sticky, and extremely vulnerable to fire. Consuming marshmallow bushes eventually gives the consumer Rashmallows (however, Sasquatches are immune). Marshmallow bushes rely on rashmallows as a way of reproduction, as scratching a rashmallow leaves a white goo that quickly grows into a marshmallow bush. Because of this, marshmallow bushes can grow on any surface.

Sawyer hints that the marshmallow bushes are addictive, as he states that once a person has eaten a part of a marshmallow bush, they will "never shake the itch for more." This is shown when Armand is struggling to ignore the bushes growing at Camp Lakebottom (due to previously eating all the bushes at Marsh Meadow), only to eventually break and start devouring all the bushes.


Marshmallow bushes have either one, two, or three big white marshmallows for the main plant, and several white, pink, and/or blue marshmallows acting as branches. They are naturally found growing from the ground, but are capable of growing on any surface.

Role in series[]

A young Armand once stumbled upon Marsh Meadow and quickly devoured every marshmallow bush in sight, starting his addiction with marshmallows.

Year later during the events of "Marshmallow Madness," McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt travel to Marsh Meadow to taste the bushes after hearing a story told by Sawyer. Once there, the three eat every bush in sight, before rolling home and getting rashmallows the next day.

After showing Rosebud and Sawyer the rashmallows, the five try several ways to get rid of them, with each try resulting in marshmallow bushes spawning. Eventually, the entire camp is covered in bushes. Armand soon cracks and starts eating all the bushes.

The campers start burning the bushes, but stumble upon Armand gorging himself on the bushes. They then use him to get rid of every marshmallow bush (by feeding him the bushes), but this make sure him crazed for more marshmallows, resulting in him trying to eat the campers.


  • Apparently, the more marshmallow bushes a person eats, the less time it takes for them to contract rashmallows. This is shown when McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt eat an entire meadow-sized amount of bushes and it takes several hours to contract the illness, but Buttsquat eats a few marshmallows and get the sickness in a few minutes.