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Marsh Meadow
Name Marsh Meadow
Type Meadow
Appearance "Marshmallow Madness"
Location Near Camp Lakebottom

Marsh Meadow is a large meadow that is the only known location of marshmallow bushes. It only appears in "Marshmallow Madness."


Marsh Meadow is a large grassy, area with many hills. It filled mainly with dozens of marshmallow bushes, but is also filled with regular bushes and trees.

Role in series[]

When he was younger, Armand stumbled upon Marsh Meadow and ate every marshmallow bush in sight, starting his obsession with marshmallows.

Years later, during the events of "Marshmallow Madness," McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt find Marsh Meadow after hearing Sawyer tell a story about it. The three then eat every marshmallow bush in sight, before rolling back to Camp Lakebottom.


  • Its name is a pun on "marshmallow," due to it being a meadow filled with marshmallow bushes.


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