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The mud pit glowing and bubbling

The magic mud pit is a large mud pit that was filled with mud, which created many copies of Suzi after she fell into it. It only appeared in "28 Suzis Later."


The magic mud pit is a large, deep mud pit found in the forest near Camp Lakebottom. The mud inside the pit has the property to create mindless, near perfect clones of any person that falls into it. The process requires some of the mud pit's mud in order to make a clone, so only a finite amount of clones can be created.

Soon after a person exits the mud pit, the mud will glow yellow and bubble, before starting to produce clones (which takes several seconds). The clones will emerge from the mud pit, one at a time and covered in mud, before heading towards the person they're cloned from.

Role in episode[]

At the episode's beginning, McGee and Gretchen were playing tug of war with Suzi and Buttsquat, with the magic mud pit being inbetween them. McGee distracts Buttsquat, causing Suzi to fall into the mud pit. Soon after, when everyone leaves, the mud pit starts glowing and bubbling.

The next day, when McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt are following the footprints left by the Mud Suzis, they find the source of the clones; the mud pit (now nearly empty due to all the clones it has created). They then realise the mud pit's true powers.