Camp Lakebottom Wiki
Background information
Introduced In "Mindsuckers From the Depths"
Latest Appearance "Mindsuckers From the Depths"
Species Leech
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Leech King
Other names
Gender Male (Leech King)
Age Occupation Leech
King (Leech King)
Workers (Leech)
Astronauts (Astro-leeches)
Affiliations Evil
Enemies People not under the control of leeches
Likes Taking over the world
Dislikes Salt

Leeches are a species of worm that live in mud puddles, and are the main antagonists in the episode "Mindsuckers From the Depths."


There are currently three known types of leeches:

  • The Leech King, who is the biggest leech seen and the ruler of the leeches.

Normal leeches attacked by salt

  • Leeches, who are the small normal-sized leech grunts that follow the Leech Kings orders.


  • Astro-leeches, who are leeches that, along with following the Leech King's orders, are also trained to travel into space.


The leeches live in mud puddles in the forests near Camp Lakebottom, and are generally neutral unless a suitable target disturbs them, in which case the Leech King will take over the target's mind, and lead the leeches on a conquest for world domination.

The Leech King is commanding and intelligent, especially during his plans of world domination. If he controls a victim, he will force the victim to angrily reject their friends' requests, especially if it involves manual labor. If someone makes a mistake (like McGee mistaking sugar for salt), he will angrily yell at them before doing the task himself.

The normal leeches and astro-leeches are loyal to their King, and obey his every command.

All leeches are shown to have one weakness: salt. This removes the moisture from their bodies and dries them out. If people controlled by leeches are attacked with salt, the leeches will run away and the victim will return to normal.

Powers and abilities[]

All leeches have the ability to control peoples' minds once they get on their victim's body. The Leech King describes this as their "brain sucking power."

The Leech King can latch onto a victim's head and control them. When the King first takes over a victim's mind, the victim can still occasionally talk and walk on their own, but after a while the King completely takes over his victim's brain, giving him complete control over their speech and movement. He also has control of other leeches, due to being their ruler.

Normal leeches can control people as well, but many leeches have to at the same time in order for this to happen.

Astro-leeches, while having all the powers and abilities of basic leeches, are also trained to fly into space.


The Leech King is myrtle-green in color and has two eyes with red pupils, as well as a mouth filled with sharp teeth.

The normal leeches have myrtle-green backs, light-blue stomachs, and mouths filled with sharp teeth.

Astro-leeches share the same appearance as normal leeches, but they also wear an orange space helmet.


  • The Leech King is the only leech to talk, and the only one to have eyes.
    • However, the normal leeches can screech in pain when attacked with salt.
  • Despite the King stating that the leeches will have revenge, the leeches haven't appeared in any other episodes.
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