Background information
Introduced In "Stage Fright"
Latest Appearance "Stage Fright"
Species Frog
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Kevin
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation Actor
Affiliations Neutral
Likes Acting

Kevin is a frog who was an actor in Armand's play. He only appeared in "Stage Fright."


During the play's auditions, he beat Squirt for the role of "Cow Frog." Despite only croaking, Buttsquat has commented that Kevin is "really good" as his role in the play.


Kevin is a small, light green frog with dark green spots and a single eye. He also has two nostrils, multiple teeth, and a purple tongue.

Role in episode

During the auditions for the play, he and Squirt compete for the role of "Cow Frog" (a cowboy frog). They both demonstrate their croaking, and, after some thinking, McGee picks Kevin for the role. Squirt accepts Kevin's victory.

During opening night, he chastises Squirt when he scratches his butt (due to Armand explaining that it causes a curse that could jeopardise the play). In the play, he (as Cow Frog) is given to Little Bigfoot (played by Gretchen) by the Hairy Squatchmother (played by Armand). Buttsquat is amazed by Kevin's performance. Gretchen gives Kevin to Armand when she goes to help McGee defeat Suzi, and Armand briefly acts before being struck by Suzi's lightning, with Kevin hopping safely away.

When the curse is sucking the stage into the sky, Kevin uses his tongue to hold onto the stage, and Squirt holds onto Kevin. The piece of wood Kevin is holding break, and they get sucked up by the curse. After the curse is broken, Buttsquat goes to get an autograph from Kevin. At the episode's end, Kevin hops onto McGee's head and smiles at the audience.


  • There's a species of frog known as the Octo-Frog, which bears a striking resemblance to Kevin (however, the Octo-Frog has eight eyes, while Kevin has one).



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