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Jonaten and MeGan
Created by Betsy McGowen

Eric Jacobson

Developed by Meghan Dadles

Shelley Hoffman
Robert Pincombe

Directed by Jennifer Sharmen
Creative director(s) Jennifer Shermen
Starring Jonaten

& MeGan

Theme music composer Terry TompKine

Steve D' Angelo

Opening theme "Jonaten and MeGan Theme Song" performed by Matt Hill and Melissa Altro
Ending theme "Jonaten and MeGan Theme Song" (instrumental)
Country of origin Canada


Language(s) English
No. of seasons 1 (Original)

2 (Nick Jr.)

No. of episodes 26 (List of episodes)
Vince Commisso

Steve Jarosz
Keven Gills
Betsy McGowen
Eric Jacobson

Producer(s) Marissa Collier
Tanya Green

Brenda Wall

Brandon Lane
Story editor(s) Greg Lawrence
Running time 9 minutes
S&B Productions Inc.

Sticky Pictures
Skywriter Media
9 Story Entertainment

Original channel Treehouse TV (Canada)

CITV (UK) Fox Kids, Nick Jr. (US)

Rating TV-PG
Original run June 23, 2008 – February 20, 2009
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Jonaten and MeGan is a Canadian-French animated children's television series produced by Sticky Pictures and 9 Story Media Group and created by Betsy McGowen and Eric Jacobson. The series premiered on Treehouse TV in Canada on June 23, 2008. The series also premiered on Fox Kids in the U.S. on August 18, 2008. The series also premiered on CITV on November 27, 2008.


Two 10-year old cousins Jonaten and MeGan descovers things that they're new on the locations. They figerit out how they do. The People make them do they do. So, they like them. They are the elementry school students in thier class that it has desks. They lisson to music and play things. Everyday they where on the lose in the city.


  • Jonaten (Voiced by Matt Hill) a 10-year old kid who likes to lisson to music and dance and eat things. He discovers things with MeGan.
  • MeGan (Voiced by Melissa Altro) a 10-year old girl who is the Best Friend and Cousin who likes to hug Jonaten. and Jonaten loves to.

Episode List[]

Name Description Episode Number Original Airdate Nick Jr. Airdate
When Your Sad When Jonaten is looking for MeGan, He's so sad looking for her. When he found her. She gavies him a hug. 101 September 15, 2008 February 7, 2011
You Gotta Dance McGan is showing Jonaten how to dance. The music hearing by the radio. Jonaten want's to spin with MeGan. 102


The Series Premiered on Treehouse TV in Canada on June 23, 2008. The series also premiered on CITV in the UK on November 27, 2008. The series premiered on PBS Kids on Janurary 12, 2009. The series premiered on Playhouse Disney on March 2, 2009. The series premiered on Clen on May 26, 2009. The series premiered on Tiny Pop on June 20, 2009.

A phuw mothes later, The series wanted the Nick Jr. Channel to be aired. So, The series Boardcast and Premiered on February 7, 2011.


  • This is the series where it aired on Treehouse TV.
  • The series wants The Nick Jr. Channel to be aired. So, In the United States, The Series premiered on The Nick Jr. Channel on February 7, 2011.
  • It aired on the Nick Jr. Channel from February 7, 2011 to December 30, 2016.