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Itchy Witchy is a cannibalistic witch who runs Itchy Witchy's pizza, and is the main Antagonist of the episode The Itchy Witchy Pizza Project where she forces McGee, Squirt, Gretchen work off the pizza they ordered for at least 100 years.


Itchy looks like any other witch with Green skin and a big green nose and Grey hair, She wears a pink shirt with blue skirt she also wears a white stained apron with a Black chef's hat


At first Itchy is a friendly witch at first serving pizza to her customers but if they don't pay and accept to work for her she turns out to be a cruel person forcing her workers to cook and deliver pizza for a 100 years and even chained them up to force them to work she also likes to eat her workers if they dare to disobey her, She also hates ants for eating the ingredients.


Itchy resides deep in a forest where she lives inside her Pizza house where everything is made out of Pizza ingredients.


She serves as the main antagonist of the episode The Itchy Witchy Pizza Project where she serves a Pizza for Squirt, Mcgee, and Hunger crazed Gretchen until she made them work off the pizza they didn't pay for at least 100 years and even making them work harder and never gave them breaks she ends up being defeated after get a barrel of tomato ketchup is thrown at her and immediately being swarmed with ants and crashing through her pizza dough wall.