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It's a Headless Horse, Man
Season 1, Episode 11a
It's a Headless Horse, Man Postcard
Production information
Production code
Story by Dave Dias
Written by Jeremy Winkels
Storyboards by Jeremy O'Neill
Directed by Phil Lafrance & Jamie Leclaire
Broadcast information
Original air date October 3, 2013
International dates
"It's a Headless Horse, Man" is the twenty-first episode of Camp Lakebottom, and the twenty-first episode of season 1. It first aired on October 3, 2013 with the episode "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep."


McGee is thrilled when he wins a mounted horse head, until the horse head's evil body starts stealing the Bottom Dwellers' noggins in a rodeo rampage.



  • The episode's title is a reference to the Headless Horseman, a motif in European folklore.


It's a Headless Horse, Man
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