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Ice Cream Glacier
Ice Cream Glacier
Name Ice Cream Glacier
Type Mountain
Appearance "Sword of Ittibiticus"
Location Near Camp Lakebottom
Notable inhabitants Ittibiticus (formerly)

Ice Cream Glacier is a large snow-covered mountain located near Camp Lakebottom. It only appears in "Sword of Ittibiticus."


Ice Cream Glacier is one of the various landforms found near Camp Lakebottom, and is the only one covered in snow. Like Voodoo Hoodoo, Sawyer implies that Ice Cream Glacier is dangerous to climb, though not impossible. Within the snow at the top of the mountain was Ittibiticus frozen in a block of ice, though he was freed when the snow fell into Camp Lakebottom.


Ice Cream Glacier is a tall mountain covered with snow. It is surrounded by trees and also has small patches of trees growing on it.

Role in episode[]

After Buttsquat and Suzi taunt the Bottom Dwellers by showing off their Seazillas, McGee gets the idea of getting snow from Ice Cream Glacier. He, along with Gretchen, Squirt, Sawyer, and Armand, travel to the mountain to cool off.

After Gretchen wishes she had some of the ice under her bed, McGee uses a shovel to pry a piece of ice off the peak, causing a huge crack that makes the entire peak (and everyone on it) fall down the mountain. The peak falls onto Camp Lakebottom, covering it in snow. McGee starts to celebrate, only to run into Ittibiticus frozen in a block of ice.


Ice Cream Glacier
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