Hanky Pranky
Hanky Pranky
Background information
Introduced In "Pranks For Nothing"
Latest Appearance
Species Pixie
Age Over 1,000
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names The Pixie Prank Master
Gender Male
Age Occupation Pranker
Affiliations Evil
Hanky Pranky is a pranking pixie with an Irish accent who was released from his tree prison by McGee. He only appears in "Pranks For Nothing."


Hanky is a prankster, so much so that it's hinted that he was trapped in a tree for 1,000 years for his pranks.

He can be released by yanking the "Yank the Pranky" sign outside of his tree prison, and after making a deal with him, a person needs to read the scroll Hanky gives them. The scroll has the phrase "Hanky Pranky, stinky stanky. Come and prank our camp so swanky." The scroll can only release Hanky, not trap him.

The only way to put Hanky back in his prison is to outprank him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hanky has the power to levitate, and can disappear into thin air. He can also burst into green flames on command. His most dangerous power, however, is his finger snapping ability, which will either summon, transform, destroy or control something. The objects he summons are usually prank-related in some way.


Hanky has orange hair and sideburns, puffy cheeks, pointy ears, and a mouth full of sharp teeth. For clothing, he wears a bent green pointed hat, a white shirt, a green jacket, and a green pair of pants. He also has a brown belt with a gold buckle and a pair of red pointed shoes.


  • The objects he summons usually relate to what he says (for example, after he says "You think you can slip away from me!", he summons a banana peel).
  • He may also be a leprechaun, due to sharing many similarities with them, like the clothing, the Irish accent, and the partaking of creating mischief.


Hanky Pranky
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