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Background information
Introduced In "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep"
Latest Appearance "The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha Ha! Part 2"
Species Fish person
Voice Melissa Altro
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Female
Age Occupation
Affiliations Good
Allies McGee
Enemies Squidsquat
Likes Having fun
Dislikes Being eaten

Gretchfish is a fish version of Gretchen who lives in Camp Bottomlake, along with McGill and Spout. She first appears in "Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep."


Gretchfish, along with McGill and Spout, live inside a cavern under Lake Ickygloomy where Camp Bottomlake resides. She used to have councillors at the camp, but she, McGill, and Spout fed them to Squidsquat in order for him to leave the camp alone. She then helped set up a gate to separate the cavern from the rest of the lake.


Gretchfish is a green scaly fish person who looks remarkably like Gretchen. The fins on her head are shaped like Gretchen's pigtails, and the clothes she wears are near identical to Gretchen's, except Gretchfish has a plain mauve skirt instead of a striped one, and wears black leggings instead of black and blue ones.

Role in series[]

"Voyage to the Bottom of the Deep"[]

When McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt accidentally stumble upon Camp Bottomlake, Gretchfish and the other Bottom Lurkers welcome them to the camp. Gretchen and Gretchfish then proceed to have fun together by sparing with each other, with Gretchen using a nunchuck made by two fish tied together with seaweed and Gretchfish using a trident.

The campers soon hold a bonfire, where McGee reveals that he accidentally destroyed the gate to Camp Bottomlake, shocking Gretchfish and the other Bottom Lurkers. Gretchfish then watches in panic as McGee dives into the nearby water, attracting Squidsquat. The Bottom Dwellers drive the squid away, and Gretchfish agrees with McGill when he suggests feeding Squidsquat to drive him away.

When the Bottom Dwellers escape Squidsquat after realising that they were the meal, the squid tries to eat Gretchfish and the Bottom Lurkers. McGee frees them, and the Bottom Lurkers escape in the submarine the Bottom Dwellers had. McGee sees and tries to stop, but he is captured by Squidsquat.

Inside the submarine, Gretchfish has her fins cut and her face covered in mustard due to McGill fiddling with the controls. When McGill helps trap Squidsquat using the submarine's torpedo, he, Gretchfish, and Spout return and apologise for abandoning the Bottom Dwellers, who accept the apology.

"Working Over-Slime"[]

"The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha Ha! Part 1"[]

"The Lakebottom House of Horrors! Mwa Ha Ha! Part 2"[]


  • Her name is a portmanteau of "Gretchen," the person she is based on and "fish," referencing her species.


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