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Background information
Introduced In "Ring Around the Gretchen"
Latest Appearance "Ring Around the Gretchen"
Species Human
Voice Melissa Altro
Age 12
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names Gretchen
Gender Female
Age Occupation Camper
Beauty pageant contestant
Affiliations Bad/Neutral
Allies Suzi
Enemies McGee
Likes Beauty pageants
Spa treatments
Fruity Cutie Bars
Dislikes Gross things
Not eating Fruity Cutie Bars

Greta is an alter-ego adopted by Gretchen due to the effects of the opposite ring. She only appears in the episode "Ring Around the Gretchen."


Greta behaves the complete opposite of Gretchen, disliking icky or dirty things while liking spa treatments. This is due to the opposite ring she wears, which makes her act the opposite of her normal self. She is in a friendly beauty pageant rivalry with Suzi, and Buttsquat is infatuated by her.


Greta has her black hair styled into a bouffant haircut, and she has a white headband with a large red bow. She also wears a pair of golden spherical earrings and lavender eye shadow, along with the opposite ring on her right index finger.

For clothing, she wears a purple frilled dress with a dark purple ribbon tied around the waist. Under the dress, she wears blue tights, along with the same boots the normal Gretchen wears.

Role in episode[]

After being told by Suzi that she's too much of a tomboy, Gretchen tries to become more girly to participate in the Little Miss Cutie Beauty Camper Girl beauty pageant, but fails. McGee, Squirt, and Armand transform her into a girly girl, and McGee puts the opposite ring on her, changing her personality. Suzi and Buttsquat arrive to tell Gretchen she's allowed to participate in the pageant, and Buttsquat falls in love with Gretchen.

During lunch, McGee and Squirt start noticing Gretchen acting differently, which becomes obvious when she plays "spa day" with them. Suzi then offers Gretchen to join her at Camp Sunny Smiles, which she accepts. McGee and Squirt, after being told by Rosebud about the power of the opposite ring, head to Sunny smiles to try and save Gretchen.

When they arrive, Suzi tells them Gretchen (now called Greta) is getting ready for the beauty pageant, and they devise plans to get the ring off her. After Squirt fails to get the ring while dressed as a vending machine, Greta goes on stage as the pageant begins. McGee tries to get the ring off using a magnet, but an anvil knocks him into a costume box, giving him another idea.

During the talent segment, Greta is about to perform her act when Buttsquat says that a last minute change happened, and that she will be tango dancing with a girl called Maggie (really McGee in disguise). Maggie grabs Greta, to the latter's discomfort, and wildly spins her around, causing the ring to fly off her finger and making her revert back to Gretchen.


  • The title of the episode she appears in ("Ring Around the Gretchen") foreshadows Gretchen's transformation into Greta due to the opposite ring.
  • Created by Zip Zip and Commander Clark (GO-N Productions)
  • Benjamin Bones from Freaktown and Dez from Wishfart
  • Beth from Rick and Morty and Korvo from Solar Opposites
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