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French Flies

A plate of french flies

French flies is a fly-related dish that Rosebud can cook. It only appears in the episode "Arachnattack."


French flies is a dish made by deep frying flies. According to Rosebud, the secret about the flavor is that she double fries the flies. They are served with ketchup and are crunchy in texture.


French flies consist of many large flies that are coated with a brown crunchy exterior, due to being double deep fried, and are served on a white plate.

Role in episode[]

Rosebud serves this to McGee, Gretchen, and Squirt for lunch, but forgets the ketchup. Webster tries to eat some, but McGee hides him under a bowl when Rosebud comes back. When Rosebud becomes curious when McGee starts twitching (due to Webster crawling up his shirt), Gretchen says McGee is hungry and he eats a french fly, lying that it's delicious. Rosebud tells her secret of cooking them (double frying the flies) and leaves, before McGee shoves the french flies off the table and spits the french fly out.

Later, when the Spider Mom is wreaking havoc at Camp Lakebottom, McGee throws a plate of french flies at Buttsquat (who is using his jetpack), causing him to crash into the ground. The Spider Mom and Webster start eating the french flies off of him, and Rosebud arrives to find the spiders eating the flies, delighting her and making her comment that no-one can resist her french flies.


  • It is a parody of french fries, a dish made from deep fried potato slices.


French Flies
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