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Stage Fright Cheeks of Dread
Season 1, Episode 5b
Frankenfixer Postcard
Production information
Production code
Story by
Written by Doug Hadders & Adam Rotstein
Storyboards by Robin Budd
Directed by Phil Lafrance & Jamie Leclaire
Broadcast information
Original air date August 1, 2013[1]
International dates
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"Frankenfixer" is the second part of the fifth episode in the first season of Camp Lakebottom. It is the tenth episode overall in the season. It aired on August 1, 2013 with the episode Stage Fright.


McGee and the kids decide to help Sawyer out with his to-do list and end up finishing off the zombie's Frankenstein monster.



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  • As revealed in this episode, Buttsquat has a farting habit, which reminds Sawyer of Rosebud's chili.