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Dr. Carry
Rise of the Bottom Dwellers 216
Background information
Introduced In "The Return of Cave Guy"
Latest Appearance "Grojband Vs. Camp Lakebottom
Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs. Pucca: The Movie"
Species Boat-themed Majin
Voice Carter Hayden
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Gender Male
Age Occupation
Affiliations Evil
Allies Nick Disney
Susie Disney
Rob Disney
Hank Disney
Dr. Professor Ludwig
Tara Disney
Corey Riffin
Kin Kujira
Kon Kujira
Laney Penn
Trina Riffin
Mina Beff
Enemies Volcano General Kamikaze
Volcano Lady Kamikaze
Happy New Year's Volcano
Droller Ta Jelling
Sup's Highness
Likes Destroying people
Dislikes People stopping him from destroying

Trainroid #9: Dr. Carry is a Boat-themed Trainroid and Final Majin who first appeared, The Return of Cave Guy.


  • A powerful Trainroid who was seemingly killed by Happy New Year's Volcano before he could do any harm. But in reality, he was captured and forced to be Happy New Year's Volcano's manservant, making Dr. Carry a disgrace to his "dad", Volcano General Kamikaze. To redeem himself, he decided to capture the other Baorangers, resulting with his crush on Susie Disney and stalking her on occasion via rescue gun. But soon, after the Killer Whale Nator incident, Dr. Carry moved into Baos House and became a member of its staff. In #47, Dr. Carry used a new power, "SOS Dream", to put the Baorangers into a deep slumber until they waking on and retaliated with Super Bao Food Bomber. However, the entire episode was just a bad dream the Trainroid had. In the end, Dr. Carry chose to stay on Earth as he had nowhere else to go, falling for Hexx after Ni had left.

Grojband Vs. Camp Lakebottom[]

  • In Grojband Vs. Camp Lakebottom, it was revealed that he now runs the flourishing Baos House and its branches as CEO. Furthermore, Dr. Carry held an artifact capable of resurrecting Wicked Life God Snails, but Bashful can don't not touch your box. In addition, he glomped Banban McGee while mistaking him for Corey Riffin, and eavesdropped on Corey Riffin, Carrie Beff Laney Penn, Trina Riffin, and Gretchen while they were bathing, resulting in a severe beating during the group's victory meal.

Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger Vs. Pucca: The Movie[]

  • He was among the reformed villains captured within the Space Prison in Makuu Space in Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger vs. Pucca: The Movie, locked up by the villains for betraying evil and released by the Gokaiger as they caused a big ruckus within. As it was in Baorangers, his perverted nature lead him to harass Luka and Ahim.


Rise of the Bottom Dwellers 216
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