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Doug Hadders
Doug hadders
Full Name
Gender Male
Birth date
Born in Canada
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Occupation Television writer
Website IMDb

Doug Hadders born and raised on the Canadian prairies began his career in entertainment working as a radio announcer. Within a few years he soon discovered that radio was not his cup of tea so, he moved on to theater. And within one short year, he made it all the way back to radio again, then parking attendant, freelance carpenter, web designer, actor, computer service technician, radio announcer, and finally, working for the provincial government. Then, after three years of trying to find ways to kill himself using nothing but office stationary, he decided to make a change and moved to the big city. Toronto! Since then, Doug has worked diligently, pursuing his career in entertainment and writing Camp Lakebottom (Series) with Laurie Elliott and Adam Rotstien. He has won the Phil Hartman Award for Outstanding New Comedian at the Phil Hartman Comedy Festival and received the Al Waxman Memorial Scholarship for Film and Television Production. Doug is currently the host for the Food Network's hit show "Opening Soon" while also writing for a number of animated series in Toronto, Halifax and France.