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Doo Doo Day Theme Song
Doo Doo Day
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Played In Doo Doo Doomsday
Run Time 0:11

The "Doo Doo Day Theme Song" is a song connected to the monster holiday Doo Doo Day, and is sung by the monsters who celebrate it. It is only sung in "Doo Doo Doomsday."


The Doo Doo Day Theme Song is a song that is usually sung near or on Doo Doo Day, in order to celebrate the aforementioned holiday. The song mentions the Permadactyl's visits, the fact that Doo Doo Day is known as the biggest monster holiday, and that it's a holiday to spent with family and friends.


It comes from above in a flourish of feathers
The most joyous and gruesome of all get-togethers
It's Doo Doo Day, it's Doo Doo Day
It's the foul, family poo day


'Cause it’s Doo Doo Day, it's Doo Doo Day
It's the foul, family poo day

Role in episode[]

When McGee, Gretchen, and Sawyer are collecting Pterogull poop, Gretchen asks if the poop's part of Rosebud's pancake mix. Sawyer and Armand explain it's for Doo Doo Day, and they start singing the theme song and dancing to it, with Rosebud joining in at the last verse.

On Doo Doo Day, the Bottom Dwellers reprise the song just before the Permadactyl visits Camp Lakebottom.

After McGee calms the Permadactyl down after insulting the gift he received, the Bottom Dwellers sing the Doo Doo Day song while playing with the gifts they received.


  • Whenever Rosebud sings the full song, she continues to sing the "-ay" in the final "day" after everyone has finished singing, causing people to awkwardly look at her.