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Not to be confused with the episode it appears in.

The characters at Camp Lakebottom celebrating Doo Doo Day

Doo Doo Day is a holiday that monsters celebrate, and features the Permadactyl visiting monsters and giving them gifts if they are good. It only appears in "Doo Doo Doomsday."


Every year on Doo Doo Day, the Permadactyl visits various monsters from all over the world. If the monsters make her feel welcome when she visits, she will give each good monster an egg, which contains any object the receiver wishes for (even ones bigger than the egg itself). However, the true meaning isn't about receiving the gifts, it's about being grateful for receiving the gifts.


In order to celebrate Doo Doo Day, monsters prepare by doing several things:

  • They gather bird poop (like Pterogull poop), sticks, and hay in order to make a large nest for the Permadactyl.
  • They create a runway for the Permadactyl to land on.
  • They make garlands out of belly button lint and hang it in various locations.
  • They make traditional eggbog (containing rotten eggs and curdled cream) and maggot-covered cookies to feed the Permadactyl.
  • They create traditional Doo Doo wigs by gathering hair, using it to create a wig, and dyeing it multiple colors.
  • They hang socks made of stinky meat in places so they attract flies.

On Doo Doo Day, everyone wears the Doo Doo wigs and sings the Doo Doo Day song:

It comes from above in a flourish of feathers
The most joyous and gruesome of all get-togethers
It's Doo Doo Day, it's Doo Doo Day
It's the foul, family poo day

When the Permadactyl arrives, the monsters make her feel welcome by giving her eggbog and maggot-covered cookies, and also giving her compliments. If she is pleased, she will lay eggs for the monsters, which contain a gift the monster wished for.


  • Doo Doo Day can be seen as the monster equivalent of Christmas, due to the Permadactyl acting similar to Santa Claus, multiple preparation steps being similar to how Christmas is celebrated, and the fact that Doo Doo Day shares the same meaning as Christmas; to be grateful for receiving gifts.