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Dave Dias
Dave Dias
Full Name Dave Dias
Gender Male
Birth date 1970
Born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Eye color
Hair color Black
Occupation Writer
Website IMDb

Dave Dias was a writer for the animated series Camp Lakebottom. He wrote two episodes of the show, and created the story for a third episode.


Dave Dias was born in 1970 in Kithcener, Ontario, Canada. In 1987, Dave wrote and starred in a short horror movie titled Food That Can Kill, where he played the character Ern Bowl. He later moved on to working as part of the editorial department starting from 1995, where he would gain fame after working on the 1998 movie Knock Off, an action movie which flopped in theatres.

Around the same time, Dave started writing episodes for various childrens' cartoon series, and would gain fame again for his work on Rolie Polie Olie. He continued to write for various cartoon series, where he ended up writing two episodes for season 1 of Camp Lakebottom in 2013, while also creating the story for another episode.

Soon after that, he left the Camp Lakebottom crew and continued writing for more childrens' cartoons, where he would once again gain fame for working on the 2015 series of Inspector Gadget.

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