Camp Lakebottom Wiki

Uni-Uni's Evil Earth World[]

  • [On an island, a Evil Space Beast named Uni-Uni plays a piano on his body activating his "Evil Earth World".]
  • Uni-Uni: Evil Earth World, start it! [The skies cloud up as noticed by Kevin G. Johnson and strange illusions of crashing waves and exploding fire and magma appear around them confusing even the Power Rangers as he's hit by the attack.]
  • Kevin G Johnson: What the Hell? [To the speaker.] Hello, police. Strange phenomenon occurring at Point 8295!
  • [Withstands the attack wondering what's happening while reporting that strange things are occurring around Point 8295.]
  • [The title appears, freeze-frame]
  • Reporter: Chapter 2: The Death of Finn Der Helsing!

Evil Spaceship House[]

  • [At the Evil Spaceship Palace, Gluto explains that Earth is experience the "virtual reality" Evil Earth World.]
  • Gluto: [Evil giggles] This is virtual reality, Evil Earth World!