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Camp Suzi
Camp Suzi
Name Camp Suzi
Type Camp
Ruler Suzi
Appearance "28 Suzis Later"
Location Near Lake Ickygloomy
Notable inhabitants Suzi
Mud Suzis

Camp Suzi is the result of Suzi and her army of Mud Suzis completely transforming Camp Lakebottom into the perfect camp. It only appears in "28 Suzis Later".


Camp Suzi is Suzi's definition of a perfect camp, filled with obedient clones, a hairdresser (in the form of Armand), and absolutely no sign of McGee or any other stuff Suzi finds icky or annoying.


Camp Suzi has the same buildings and setting as Camp Lakebottom, but cleaner and prettier. Large pink bows and ribbons are attached to the buildings and trees, small flowering bushes, shrubs, and fountains act as decorations, and Armand's cabin acts as a hairdressers.

Role in episode[]

After the Queen Suzi meets her mud clones, they start transforming Camp Lakebottom into Camp Suzi. McGee tries to stop them, but Suzi kicks him and his friends out (except for Armand, who is forced to be the camp's hairdresser). McGee sneaks back into Camp Suzi and finds Suzi disguises for him and his friends to wear. They bust out Armand and try to escape, but Gretchen talks when Suzi is giving a speech, busting them since Mud Suzis don't talk.

Suzi orders her Mud Suzis to attack, and the clones chase McGee and his friends around Camp Suzi, before losing them in the nearby forest. Buttsquat arrives at Camp Suzi to try and convince Suzi to return to Camp Sunny Smiles, but they refuse to apologize for the tug of war accident. McGee tries to make them forgive each other, but they refuse.

The Mud Suzis start closing in on the group, and McGee reveals that everything was his fault, and that he should apologize. Suzi and Buttsquat make up, and Suzi and her Mud Suzis move out of Camp Suzi and into Camp Sunny Smiles, much to Buttsquat's shock.


  • This is the first alternate version of Camp Lakebottom to appear in the series


Camp Suzi
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