Camp Lakebottom Wiki

Camp Sunnybottom is a camp ruled by Suzi and Buttsqaut. Camp Sunnybottom was Camp lakebottom but without McGee from stopping Buttsquat from taking lakebottom they took over and enslaved it's residence by making them wear the Sunny Smile collars which will force them to laugh out of their own will. Suzi and Buttsquat are treated as the king and queen and they will activate the collars as punishment for the littlest things like they're favorite drinks being 1 percent warm.


Camp Sunnybottom is like camp lake bottom but was invaded by Sunny Smiles and turned into have Lakebottom and Sunny Smiles and enslaved the campers and counselors and everything creepy that existed in Lakebottom just been sent away deep in the forest.


  • Gretchen: Ever since she never met Mcgee she never had idea who Mcgee due to him not existing but she still remains as the Martial Artist of camp Lakebottom, She only knows Squirt and is trying her best to keep him safe, Since of the fear of the Sunny Smile used on her she always stays anxious of not making even a single mistake.
  • Squirt: Since Squirt never met Mcgee he doesn't have any remembrance of him so he got treated like a wild animal by Suzi and Buttsquat since of this treatment Squirt gained the personality of a Wild animal by running on all fours and drinking by licking, He is still able to talk but always stays quiet and speaking in 3rd person but after winning Lakebottom back he started becoming like the Squirt everyone knows and loves.
  • Armand: Since Armand never had any memories of Mcgee he saw him as a newbie at Camp, since he was the Artist he was responsible for making Suzi and Buttsquat's wigs.
  • Sawyer: Sawyer is the main worker of Sunnybottom by driving Sunny Smiles golf cart, Making the hedges look like Suzi and Buttsquat, and even as their steps off the Golf cart, His favorite multi-tool piece his chainsaw has been removed he only uses only necessary items, He never remembered Mcgee for not existing and for not having his Chainsaw he forgot how much power "Old Buzzy" had.
  • Rosebud: Rosebud is still the cook of Sunnybottom but instead of using horrid ingredients she uses normal ingredients but since Mcgee reminds her of her old cooking she gets scared and told Mcgee she never does those recipes anymore but she uses her Mush-booms after Mcgee, Squirt, and Gretchen try to turn Sunnybottom back into Lakebottom.
  • Suzi: Since Mcgee never existed she is the only child so she never knew Mcgee, She is the camp queen (as always) and rules over Sunnybottom with Buttsquat, she uses the Sunny Smile to punish the slaves for doing something wrong but she actually knows that turning the Sunny Smile too high causes it to burn out and is cautious about it.
  • Buttsquat: Since Mcgee never spoiled all of his plans to take Lakebottom he took over and even made the Sunny smile collar since turning into the King of camp the power got into his head and ended up using it a lot and i mean A LOT but since Mcgee never begs for mercy he burned out the collar and ended up losing to Mcgee.
  • Mcgee: Ever since Mcgee wished he never existed for ruining Squirt's birthday his wish came true and was sent to SunnyBottom since no one remembers him He was considered a stranger but after he defeats Suzi and Buttsquat by using their Collars against them he returns to Camp Lakebottom.