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Sunny Smiles Bus

McGee looking at Buttsquat in the Sunny Smiles bus

The Camp Sunny Smiles bus is a bus owned and used by Camp Sunny Smiles. It first appeared in "Escape From Camp Lakebottom."


The Camp Sunny Smiles bus is a bus used to transport campers and their luggage to and from Camp Sunny Smiles. Buttsquat implies that the school bus is the lower class variant of the Sunny Smiles bus.


The Camp Sunny Smiles bus is a large light-blue bus with the Sunny Smiles logo on the sides and back. It has a curved roof, windows along the sides, front and back of the bus, six wheels (three on each side), and three compartments on each side to store luggage. Below the windshield there are two pairs of headlights and a blank license plate.

Inside, there are three steps near the entrance, an orange wall next to them, and a handlebar attached to the wall. The seats in the bus are red and seem to be in groups of three.

Role in series[]

"Escape From Camp Lakebottom"[]

The Sunny Smiles bus arrives (with Buttsquat on board) to take McGee and Suzi to Camp Lakebottom. Suzi enters the bus and McGee packs her luggage into the bus before trying to enter it, but Buttsquat stops him and makes him take the school bus instead. While the Sunny Smiles bus drives towards Camp Sunny Smiles, Buttsquat changes a road sign to make the school bus go to Camp Lakebottom.

"The Camp Lakebottom Classic Part 1"[]


  • In "The Camp Lakebottom Classic Part 1," there is an error where the front of the bus is at the wrong end of the bus.


Sunny Smiles Bus
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